Water from Zaros: the best bottled water of the world for 2017

Taste the best water in the world in the village of Zaros

awards 2017

Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting is the largest water tasting competition in the world. The Zaros brand from Crete won the Gold Medal for 2017. Most of all, the spring of this brand is the only natural mineral water source in Crete. The spring is at an altitude of 402 meters (1320 ft) and is located close to Zaros. Needless to say, you can find this brand in all supermarkets and most of the restaurants, especially in the Heraklion area.

How to get there?

Zaros (location) is a historical village, located on the slopes of Mount Ida (Psiloritis). Starting from Heraklion, first of all, you must take the road to Moires. On the way you will drive through the village of Aghia Varvara. Before you exit the village, make sure not to miss the turn to Zaros (location). While the drive from Heraklion to Zaros takes approximately 45 minutes, you must be careful as the road as lots of turns, especially after this turn.

The lake

The abundance of water in Zaros has created lake Votomos (location) in the heart of the island. By the lake you can find traditional tavernas, where you can enjoy a calm and tasteful meal. You will surely notice the trout farms on the way and probably you’d like to sample locally produced fresh water fish at the restaurants.

A walk in the nature

In addition to tasty food, the area is particularly suitable for hiking and walking in the nature. Close to the lake Votomos there is a gorge. You can take the pathway that begins behind the tavernas by the lake. If you can’t find the entrance of the gorge, you can always ask the locals to show it to you. Once you start walking you will find yourself in the nature. Furthermore, you will have a chance to examine the Mediterranean flora and of course to spend some quiet moments, away from the busy sites.

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