Selino bölgesi – Aya İrini vadisi

Part of the European E4 trail network, the gorge of Agia Irini, starts south of the Agia Irini village and leads close to the crystal waters of Sougia. Its length is 7 km and its crossing takes three to four hours.

Shorter and less crowded that the world famous Samaria gorge, it provides an easier alternative for those who want to admire the local flora and fauna as well as the stunning view. Like Samaria, there is also running water and rich vegetation providing shade, which is needed for our hike especially in the summer months. For those of us with the observing eye, you will find that though more quiet than the busy areas of Chania, this gorge is full of life: birds such as the proud bearded vulture, and the colorful noisy jays, lizards, and even the famous but very cautious Cretan wild-goat are inhabitants of this gorge.