Venetian & Ottoman Heraklion, what to see

While in Crete, you should discover the largest town on Crete and it’s hidden gems. Heraklion in the past was known as Rabd Al-Handak (Arab period), Khándax (2nd Byzantine period), Candia (Venetian period) and Kandiye (Ottoman period). The locals often called it simply Megalo Kastro (the Big Castle).


This 3 thousand year old town has one of the biggest fortresses in the Mediterranean. The Venetians fortified Candia with walls that have 7 bastions and a large moat:


Here’s a virtual tour of Venetian Candia:

There are Ottoman monuments:

Great churches/mosques:

The cathedral of Aghios Minas is one of the largest churches in Greece:

Other monuments:

And of course don’t forget to try some local coffee at a traditional café.