Funny signs

Very often we come across funny translations in signs. This is a collection of funny signs from Greece (mostly from Crete).
supla < [gr. “σουπλά”] < [fr. sous-plat]Summer, the nights get shorter in CreteThis sign is a give to our francophone friendsTBON < [t-bone], PROWNS = prawns This is a hybrid of Latin & Greek alphabets, instead of HANOYM it should be XANOYM, since X in Greek is the equivalent of H in Latin SHUGAR means sugar Another hybrid of alphabets: P in Greek reads R in Latin, v in Greek reads n in Latin. Translation in English of a traditional kind of bread. Loosely it translates as “Christ-bread”GRETAN = CRETAN [< from Crete], a very common mistake YFO = UFO, a kind of peach COUZINE = CuisineHand made figs! A special preparation of dried figs from the island of Chios No comment An attempt to literally translate the name of a traditional Cretan sweet HUM= hamAnother funny translation of a sweetThere is no Greek word EXTPA (please remember that  P in Greek reads R in Latin), it should have been ΕΚΤΟΣIn Greek the combination OY reads as U, Rula is a relatively common name in Greece. The is no Royla though.Sweet curly ring!?!SPESIAL = SPECIALcenter estheticWhy should we cry? P in Greek reads R in Latin, therefore PAPKINK = PARKINGROZARIO is the Greek word for Rosary Not to mention about the plural, topical drinks =  local drinksAgain, Gretan = Cretan A hot meze is prepared with chilies and cheese is translated as cheese burningTo use the toilets property or properly? Oricano = OreganoPanoramic views Gluten is free! We find in hotel = We are located in hotel and for the disabled when flour becomes flower! Kariokaki, another sweet from Greece Crab = Grabin case you need extra information, this is anthos aravositou = cornflourThanks to dispose your garbage! Here you can try fresh fish, as well as fresh fishes! your staying or your stay, it doesn’t really matter what is beach water anyway? from the central post office do you need a traditional Greek cousin? when you can’t translate the name of LichnarakiaAgain, OY = U, therefore MPOYGATSA reads BUGATSA

TOUCH should be CATCH

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